As of 2006 one of the requirements for enrollment and continued enrollment into the Ramapough Lenape Nation was that all applications must have a copy of the applicant’s certified birth certificate with their qualifying Ramapough parent(s) name on it.  Also your application must be filled out to the three (3) generations with names and dates.  If you do not know the dates then please write “unk” in the space


This is a requirement and the Genealogy Committee cannot process any applications that do not have a qualifying birth certificate attached.  If the Committee receives any applications without a birth certificate, the applicant will be notified by U.S. Mail or Email if an email address is on the application.  This will slow down your approval process because the application cannot be processed until a  birth certificate is received, so please do not send applications without birth certificates.

The above also applies to current members and old members that were removed from the roll in 2006 because you did not send in a birth certificate or your paperwork was incomplete.

Old Members:

Old members that were removed from the roll in 2006 and are now requesting updated cards will not be put back on the roll until their paperwork is complete (a completely filled out application with a qualifying birth certificate is considered completed paperwork).

Old members requesting updated cards will receive a letter notifying them what information is required in order to be put back on the roll.  It may require completing a new application or sending a qualifying birth certificate or both.  The letter will state what is need.

Genealogy Committee