Ramapough-Lenape Community Center

The mission of The Ramapo Mountain Indians, Inc. is to support, preserve and to share the rich cultural heritage of the Munsiiw People of the Ramapo Mountains.


December 2021 Sisters Spirit Circle will have singing on 12/12 @ 12pm at the Sweetwater Cultural Center.

Christmas giveaway on December 18th @ 6:00. 

Fliers will be sent to all who RSVP for children under the age of 10.

Sisters Spirit Circle:

The goal of this organization, is to provide a gathering community of Indigenous women, particularly Ramapo women, to teach and learn culture, history and traditions.

In the Sister Spirit Circle we hold ceremony, share circles, make Tribal Seals/ Medicine Wheels, and recently viewed a film on the Doctrine of Discovery and sent a letter in support of pipeline protestors.

What’s GOing ON:

We have been diligently involved in making improvements to the building: clean up of the interior, cleanup and renewal of the outside facade. Bathrooms have received a grant to renovate and make them handicapped accessible. The rest of the interior will receive upgrades for the kitchen, large room and conference room, all work to be done done by Greater Bergen, a nonprofit construction organization. The bathroom renovations will begin in December.  


We have had vaccine events hosted in our Community Center starting in March, April and May by New Bridge Medical Center, serving as many as 300 tribal members. Booster shots were given mid November at the center.

Children under the age of 10, who’s parents and guardians have rsvp’d. http://ramapomunsee.net/event/christmas-giveaway/
A big job well done by a dedicated team that tackled the building exterior with the help of MEVO, who aided in clearing up the landscaping. We organized a Painting Party to brighten up the center’s facade. Our Ramapo Brother and Board Member, Joe Brown, took on the cost […]

Ramapough-Lenape Community Center

Renewed & Renovated exterior is truly a united work of sweat by the community and for the community.

New Patricia Ann Perry Entryway.

Thank you Joe Brown.