A Film series, co-curated with SweetWater Cultural Center and presented by Producer, Brooklyn Demme.

This film series is intended to preserve Native American cultural practices and bring awareness to matters of urgent social and environmental rights of Indigenous communities.

Through the lens on locations from South Dakota to the Brazilian Amazon and home on Ramapo-Munsee Lenape Ceremonial grounds in New Jersey, you will travel to these regions and get a birds-eye view of current day life matters. Included in each presentation is a Q & A with Ramapough-Lenape tribal members and representatives alongside producer Brookyln Demme.

Screenings available (2022-2023) throughout the New York and New Jersey Public Library network. Please check your local library for scheduled screenings, or, to request a screening at your Library use our Contact Us page. Please Note: All reservation requests will be reviewed at our earliest convenience, as we observe the Winter Solstice season.